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Background Image Alternative Text: Students on a tour of the Templeton museum at MSU Libraries.
Background Image Alternative Text: Students on a tour of the Templeton museum at MSU Libraries.
The Library Experience

Only 10 high schools may attend. Please fill out the Save Your Place form before you Complete Your Registration.

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MSU, The Library Experience began in 2018 as a series of library 'experiences' for high school seniors (or juniors) and their school's librarian. This outreach and recruitment event, developed and presented by Mississippi State University Libraries, reaches out to high schools throughout the state of Mississippi. Librarians and students will discover what the MSU Libraries have to offer, interact with University and Library administration, engage in creative activities in the MaxxSouth Digital Media Center, experience the numerous museums and special collections on site, and connect/collaborate with supporters of libraries and information science.

Date Options: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 -Or- Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Where: Mitchell Memorial Library, Mississippi State University

For more information, contact LaDonne Delgado at (662) 325-7660 or, and follow #MSULIBEXP.

Who Can Attend?

High School Librarians are invited to come and bring three high school Seniors (or Juniors) to participate in this day-long event. Space is limited, so only 10 high schools can attend.


MSU, The Library Experience is a FREE event with lunch provided. Participants will create t-shirts, buttons, and more which they may keep as souvenirs. Goodie bags will also be distributed at the end of the day.

Parking and Directions

You will need a Parking Pass to park on the MSU Campus. This process is online. Please follow these steps and print out your Parking Pass. Do not attempt to fill this out too far in advance. It only allows you to have ONE free Pass. It will charge you for the second one.

  1. Visit the Visitor Parking site.
  2. Scroll down to "Online Visitor Passes."
  3. Click on the red "Online Visitor Passes" button
  4. Scroll down and under "Permits," click on the grey "Get Permits" button
  5. At the bottom, click on the "Guest Login" button
  6. In the sentences just under "Visitor Login," click on "create one" to set up your ID and Password. The next page will ask you to "Register Vehicle" which you will be driving.
  7. When you finish completing the information requested, it will give you a Parking Pass. BE SURE TO PRINT IT OUT. You will need to display this on the dashboard of your vehicle when you park.

To get directions to the Library, a Google Maps search works well - it even shows Commuter East parking. This map displays directions from Jackson, but you can customize it to display directions from your location.

Past Events

Visit to see programs and photos from past events.



Thank you for such a good day at MSU today! I loved being in the MSU Libraries! Y'all did a great job today promoting our great university and the libraries!

Had so much fun! Can't wait to attend MSU and use all of the library resources!

I had a great day and loved the activities and people that put this on!

Thank you for the experience!

I want to come back!

My three Pontotoc High School students and I had such a wonderful time Wednesday experiencing all that the Mitchell Memorial Library has to offer. I had brought a notepad and pen, but little did I know I wouldn’t write a thing until the end-of-the-day survey. The students and I completely enjoyed the constant movement as we walked through the different special libraries and collections, meeting staff and understanding their roles, and creating shirts and buttons in the digital media center. The students really enjoyed seeing actual pieces of history, such as Boothe's wanted poster and so many of the other items displayed. I also appreciated the small size of the group. It was just the right amount for being able to tour, hear, and create. I thank you and your team for planning such a well-organized day for us. It was perfect!!