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Serials Cataloging

A serial is a resource that is issued in successive parts, is usually numbered or dated, and has no predetermined conclusion. This includes such materials as journals, newsletters, annual reports, newspapers, and monographic series. This department catalogs all serials, government documents, and Electronic Thesis and Dissertations. We catalog materials in different formats such as print, electronic, microfiche, microfilm, CD’s, and DVD’s. Our staff also work with the Special Collections Department and the Congressional and Political Research Center cataloging materials from donated collections.


Coordinator of Serials
Phone: (662) 325-3018

Faculty and Staff

Senior Library Associate/Serials Copy Cataloger
Phone: (662) 325-2581
Coordinator of Serials
Phone: (662) 325-3018
Assistant Professor/Special Collections Cataloger
Phone: (662) 325-3759
Library Associate
Phone: 325-2581