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Embed a librarian in your Canvas Course

Librarian Role in Canvas

Add a librarian to your Canvas course using the “Librarian” role. Your librarian can help you embed research materials, provide (synchronous or asynchronous) instruction, or participate in class and/or research discussions.

The Librarian role has the following permissions:

  • Announcements – view 
  • Course Calendar – add/edit/delete events 
  • Course Content – add/edit/delete 
  • Courses – view usage reports 
  • Discussions – create/moderate/post/view 
  • LTI – add/edit/delete 
  • Manage pages 
  • Question banks – view/link 
  • Rubrics – view/edit/delete 
  • Student Collaborations – create 
  • Users: view list/view login IDs/View primary email address 
  • Web Conferences – create 

Contact a librarian in your subject area to learn more about this type of collaboration.