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Inclusive Excellence at MSU Libraries

The MSU Libraries are committed to creating a welcoming space for all, respecting individual contributions to academics, providing equal access to information resources, fostering inclusion in the workplace and the campus, and promoting civility and mutual respect. Our mission is to provide an inclusive working environment for all our employees and all patrons of the university community who study and create in our facilities.

We stand against discrimination and prejudice of every kind, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, socioeconomic background, education level, marital status, and political affiliation. We strive to foster a positive, productive community of individuals that supports academic freedom, expression, achievement, and success through programs, resources, exhibits, and other formats.

We are striving to make our MSU Libraries' work environment – as well as the Library and Information Science field – more heterogenous and inclusive through focused recruiting and hiring practices, mentorship, professional development opportunities, and other activities.

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