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Background Image Alternative Text: Group work areas in the MaxxSouth Digital Media Center.

MaxxSouth Digital Media Center

Mitchell Memorial Library, 2nd Floor

At the MaxxSouth Digital Media Center, we empower MSU students, faculty, and staff to develop skills in design, production, creation, and editing. We provide a collaborative space for teaching and learning, the latest technology and equipment, and the help you need to use them.

Among our offerings:

  • Studio spaces - Record lectures, presentations, performances, and more; produce professional TV shows or podcast episodes
  • Multimedia lab - Create professional brochures, flyers, posters; create music; capture and edit video
  • Makerspace - Produce 3D prints and scans; learn to sew; create customized shirts, buttons, and tumblers
  • CAVS Mixed Reality Studio - Experience and work in virtual and augmented reality
  • Equipment - Borrow cameras, presentation equipment, laptops, and even tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, and drills
  • Printing - Print in black and white, color, and wide format
  • Formal and informal instruction - Attend an open workshop; request customized workshops for your class, department, or organization; or receive one-on-one help