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Create dynamic content for online instruction in the MaxxSouth Digital Media Center

June 9, 2020

The MaxxSouth Digital Media Center offers several unique opportunities to assist faculty members in creating dynamic content for their online instruction. We not only have the resources and equipment, but the expertise from our staff, to help make your online instruction more engaging for your students. Our staff can work with you to answer questions, create content, and to explain how to use our technologies to make your job easier and the end result stronger.

The Center also offers equipment for checkout, including camcorders, tripods and laptops, to assist with online instruction.

AV Studio with Lightboard

The lightboard, for use in MaxxSouth Digital Media Center’s AV Studio, provides a unique lecture experience. Diagramming sentences and schematics, plotting and writing formulas, or even just writing out lecture notes can all be done "mid-air" while you face the camera to deliver your instruction. Draw on the illuminated glass just as you would a standard chalk or dry-erase board while recording your lecture. With a quick video edit, the video is flipped so your writing and drawings are shown in the correct orientation for your students. A lightboard is a great way to supplement lectures that require the ability to write or draw to illustrate concepts. The lightboard adds to the capabilities of the AV Studio which is a reservable space designed to allow faculty and student to quickly and easily record audio or video presentations. The studio is set up so that a patron can walk in with a jump drive and with just a few mouse clicks can record professional video of a speech, lecture or other presentation. Patrons may likewise easily record audio files using the dual microphone setup.

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DJI Osmo Pocket Video Camera

The DJI Osmo Pocket is a small, lightweight camera that features a 3-axis gimble for stabilization. This camera shoots 4K at 60fps. The Pocket has facial tracking and is perfect for on-the-move shooting.

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Sony FDR-AX33 Video Camera

This camera is a standard consumer grade camcorder that features 4K recording at 24 and 30fps. This camera is tripod-compatible and perfect for filming lectures or stationary shots.

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The three new tripods feature a universal cell-phone mount compatible with most common cell phones. The cell phone mount can be removed, and the tripod will function as a standard tripod, compatible with any camera with a standard tripod mount.

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