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Omeka digital exhibit publishing platform now available

February 2, 2021

The Mississippi State University Libraries is pleased to announce the availability of a new web publishing platform, Omeka, which may be used by faculty, instructors and researchers to create dynamic digital exhibits showcasing collections of digital images, text and other multi-media formats. Omeka, a powerful, yet easy to use platform, is an open-source application used by many institutions, libraries and museums to create online exhibits from their collections. The Libraries acquired an institutional subscription for Omeka which offers more plugins for visualizing research content and data, providing faculty engaging their students in digital humanities work the ability to use Omkea as a publishing platform. Omeka was selected because of its flexibility in the types of digital objects that may be added, a wide variety of plug-ins to enhance ones’ exhibit, and its ease of use.

Faculty interested in using Omeka should review the Libraries’ Omeka Guide which outlines the policies and procedures to request access.

Visit some of the Libraries’ Omeka digital exhibits by visiting