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Survey seeks ideas on how to reimagine space

September 22, 2022

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As students’ needs change, the Mississippi State University Libraries are striving to change too.

According to Stephen Cunetto, Associate Dean for Community Relations & Strategic Initiatives, one of the most significant changes is how students use the library as a space. In recent years, students have wanted more study spaces in the MSU libraries, both for individual study and collaborative use. As this need increases, and as more and more resources move online, the libraries realize that reevaluating how we use our physical space is important, Cunetto said.

As part of this reevaluation, and to learn more about what our students, the MSU Libraries is conducting a survey of how to reimagine the Research, Instruction and Outreach area on the second floor. The survey is open to all library patrons and can be completed quickly and confidentially online

“We are excited to begin exploring ways we can update and transform the space into a more dynamic, inviting and inspiring place for students to study and work individually and collaboratively,” Cunetto said.

To take the quick survey, please visit this link:

Your opinion matters.