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MSU Libraries website search study findings released

June 8, 2023

MSU Libraries' Web Technologies team works constantly to improve the Libraries' website.

In Spring 2023, our User Experience Specialist, Simon Marcy, conducted a series of user studies. The studies tasked library users with performing a specific search, starting at our homepage.

The findings include the following points.

  • When users are trying to do a search from the homepage, it can be hard for them to tell what tool they're currently using.
  • There are too many buttons on the homepage - many users aren't sure what to click.
  • It can be hard to find the advanced search function.
  • MSU faculty want to help build the Libraries' collections - there should be a prominent link telling them how.
  • The homepage's overall look and feel needs an update.

Web Technologies will use the results to inform improvements to our homepage, especially to the search process. Download the full summary from Scholars Junction.

Our thanks to everyone who has participated in a user study so far! We will be conducting more studies soon. If you'd like to help us improve our website (and earn prizes in the process), sign up to join our participant pool!