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Explore AI and Art with Workshop, Lecture

February 27, 2024
AI art with Ardith

AI and art – it’s exciting, challenging, complicated, unknown. To help students and faculty begin to discover and unravel this new world, the MSU Libraries is hosting a series of workshops and talks with an accomplished artist who is embracing, rather than running from AI.

Made possible by a Bell Grant from the Bulldog Experience Office, the MSU Libraries is offering an open workshop “AI Art with Ardith” on Wednesday, March 6 at 5:30 pm, and a lecture, “Pushing Past Ordinary: Artist Talk with Ardith Goodwin” at 2 pm on Thursday, March 7. Both events are free and open to anyone, but registration is required for the workshop as seats are limited.

Organizer Corinne Kennedy said the workshop will provide students the opportunity to creatively engage with Generative AI and by extension learn to use AI critically and ethically.

“Ardith Goodwin uses acrylics and mixed media to create colorful art through fractured lines, movement, transparent layers, and fine details” said Kennedy, Assistant Professor / Student Success Coordinator for the MSU Libraries.

Goodwin’s art centers on creativity and imagination to investigate the world around her. Recently, she has embraced AI using images of her own artwork to train Midjourney and create new images. Midjourney is one of the latest AI tools allowing users to create new images by using generative text-to-image.

The open workshop will also discuss the ethical nuances of artificial intelligence and teach attendees to use their own images to create new images. The workshop has 30 available seats and requires registration. You may register for the workshop by using this link:

In addition, Goodwin’s talk will be held in the Old Main auditorium (RM21030) at 2 on Thursday. The talk will offer light refreshments.

For more information on the artist, please visit,