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Mimi Blais

Portrait of Mimi Blais

Pianist Mimi Blais from Montreal, Québec, Canada received several nicknames during her career: The female Victor Borge, The Céline Dion of the keyboard, The French Canadian Liberacette…but the one she’s proud to wear since 1990 is: The New Queen Of Ragtime. After completing her classical training at the Quebec Conservatory of Music and McGill University in Montreal, Mimi left the beaten path to discover Music with a capital “M”. Her career has been guided by passion and whim where classical, folk, jazz, modern, blues, tango, and ragtime all blend together. Mimi’s passion for ragtime music has led her to travel across the United States and Canada, and it has even taken her to Belgium and Hungary where she received one standing ovation after another. As a musical performer, composer, arranger, writer, comedian and singer whose imagination knows no bounds, Mimi Blais is in high demand because of her tremendous talent and joyful personality

Performed in: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2014