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Tracy Doyle

Portrait of Tracy Doyle

Always pursuing the unusual, Tracy has distinguished herself as the definitive expert in the life and times of Egbert Van Alstyne. Working as a reporter covering the town of Marengo, Illinois in 1991, she became interested in Van Alstyne when she read a historical article, “Marengo Has Its Own Composer,” which gave little detail other than a few titles, including “In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree.” Her interest in him was piqued when she began collecting original ragtime sheet music, records and piano rolls in 1993. In the ensuing years, she has collected more than 250 of his known 420 compositions, many articles from newspapers and trade journals, piano roll performances, recordings, and public documents about Van Alstyne and his family. Tracy first became involved in the ragtime community in 1995, when she attended the “Old Tyme Piano Playing Contest” in Decatur. She has been heaviliy involved in the ragtime scene ever since, presenting symposia at the Evergreen Ragtime Bash, the Ragtime Festival at Muscatine, Iowa, the McHenry County Historical Society.

Performed in: 2007