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Millenia Musicae

Millenia Musicae

Millenia Musicae performs music by contemporary composers with a rare combination of instruments. The group formed in 2011 and released their first CD with Centaur Records, Inc. in 2016, which featured two works by Mississippi composer Shandy Phillips.

Millenia Musicae has performed in duos, trios, and quartets in various venues. Its members include:

  • Sheri Falcone
    Ms. Falcone serves as both Instructor of Clarinet and Saxophone and Coordinator of the Woodwind and Performance Area at Mississippi State University. In addition to her teaching duties, she is the Starkville/MSU Symphony Orchestra’s principal clarinetist, and also performs as a soloist. In 2015 Ms. Falcone released an album of chamber music with Centaur Records, Inc.; it features trio and quartet music for clarinet, bassoon, violin, and piano.
  • Dr. Denise Rowan
    Dr. Rowan’s music education career spans 35 years of directing and performing with bands and orchestras from Maine to Massachusetts and throughout the Eastern and Southeastern U.S. She served as the Starkville/Mississippi State University Symphony Orchestra’s Music Director/Conductor for 7 years. Today, Dr. Rowan is its principal bassoonist, and a part-time teacher of elementary and high school music, drama, and guitar.
  • Dr. Rosângela Yazbec Sebba
    Dr. Sebba is Professor of Piano at Mississippi State University, where she coordinates the piano area for the Department of Music and the Community Music School, and teaches applied lessons, piano literature, theory, and ear training. Her performances include solo, chamber music, one piano four-hands, and two pianos four-hands repertoire. Dr. Sebba released a CD album, Eight Sonatinas and the Sonata for Piano Solo by M. Camargo Guarnieri, in 2010. She is currently principal pianist of the Starkville/MSU Symphony Orchestra, and has performed solo and in collaboration in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Costa Rica, England, Spain, and Taiwan.

Performed in: 2021