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Eddie Erickson

“Fast Eddie” Erickson began his banjo/guitar career in the San Jose, California area in the mid ‘60s, before moving to Monterey, California in 1969 to work at Capone’s Warehouse on Canary Row. He then went to Disneyworld and Disneyland, where he was featured in the “Class of ‘27” show, and starred in the Banjo King. He has been a featured performer at banjo shows, conventions, jazz concerts, and has appeared with such performers as Jackie Coon, Rick Fay, Dan Barrett, Johnny Varro, and others. From 1978-1983, Eddie led the “Riverboat Rascals” show band on Disney’s Empress Lilly Showboat. In recent years, Eddie has been featured with Big Mama Sue at festivals, fairs, and even the “Sancy Snow” Jazz Festival in France. He is a respected and loved member of the jazz fraternity, and one of the funniest performers on the scene.

Performed in: 2018, 2017