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Rosangela Sebba

Portrait of Rosangela Sebba

Rosangela Yazbec Sebba was only six-years-old when she first sat before the ivory keys of a piano. While in high school, Sebba won a national musical competition in Brazil. At Federal University in Goias, Brazil, she earned her bachelor’s degree in music and piano performance while working as a full-time performing musician. In 1994, after teaching at the State Conservatory for six years, Sebba came to the United States to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees, arriving at Mississippi State in 2001. Most recently, the classical pianist released “Sonata and Sonatinas by Camargo Guarnieri as performed by Rose Sebba” as a tribute to her home country, as well as to the noted Brazilian composer and her former mentor. In 2014, Sebba was named a Steinway Artist.

Performed in: 2016