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  1. The MaxxSouth Digital Media Center, located on the 2nd floor of Mitchell Memorial Library, handles all 3D printing.
  2. The cost of the print will be a charge of 20 cents per gram of filament used in the printing process with a $2.00 minimum.
  3. We can print items up to 28.5 L X 15.3 W X 15.5 H CM (11.2 X 6.0 X 6.1 IN).
  4. All 3D printing projects are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Time to completion will depend on demand and complexity of the print. After you upload a print request, the DMC will contact you with a price estimate and the expected completion date and time.
  5. The user is responsible for all errors that occur during printing involving the stereolithographic (.STL) file and design of the model. If the object does not print correctly due to design errors, it is the responsibility of the user to pay for the object.  It is recommended that before you submit your .STL file for printing, you utilize a software that checks for errors and helps repair them.
  6. Users are responsible for creating their own 3D models. Library staff may perform trivial repairs using automated software processes (checking for duplicate edges, unfilled holes, and so on). Staff can assist in creating or editing designs by appointment.
  7. MSU Libraries' 3D printer may be used only for lawful purposes. No one will be permitted to use the Libraries' 3D printer to create material that is:
    1. Prohibited by local, state or federal law.
    2. Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or poses an immediate threat to the well-being of others. (Such use may violate the terms of use of the manufacturer.)
    3. Obscene or otherwise inappropriate for the Library environment.
    4. In violation of another's intellectual property rights. For example, the printer will not be used to reproduce material subject to copyright, patent or trademark protection.
  8. The Library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request.
  9. Some objects (such as those with steep overhangs) require temporary support material to be printed. This material is easily removable; the user will be completely responsible for removing this material—library staff will NOT remove support material.
  10. Items printed on the DMC 3D printers may have small surface defects such as bumps or holes. These routine defects will not be cause for refund or lack of payment for the object. Also note that while the 3D printers are accurate, we will not guarantee any precise tolerances on fitting of multi-part objects.