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3D printing

Do you need to 3D print materials for your class or personal use? We have a variety of additive PLA 3D printers to meet your prototyping needs. We have the Lulzbot Taz6 and Pro, MakerBot Replicator +, and an Ender 3. We also have a Creality CR-30 3DPrintMill Belt Printer.

  • Capabilities
    • The DMC's 3D printers can print items up to 280 mm x 280 mm x 250 mm (11 in x 11 in x 9.8in) with a time limit of 15 hours.
    • PLA filament is available in a wide variety of colors.
  • Use Requirements
    • Setup a consultation the first time you want to use the printers.
    • Once you are certified by a DMC Staff member, you can schedule time to come in and use the printers on your own.
  • Prices