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Kate Gregory

Kate Gregory


Assistant Professor / Director, Mississippi Political Collections





Phone: (662) 325-9773
Mailing address: P.O. Box 5408 Mississippi State, MS 39762


As the director of the Mississippi Political Collections, I am responsible for acquiring, preserving, processing, and making available for public research the papers and collections of every political stakeholder, including but not limited to elected members of Mississippi’s congressional delegation and state legislature, elected and appointed judges, political organizations and activists, lobbyists, staffers, and political historians and scholars. Please contact me for questions regarding donations of political papers and materials as well as research and access to our collections.

Research Interests

Congressional archives, digital archives, public history, museums and exhibit design, archival processing, archival instruction and outreach, judicial archives, Mississippi politics, Mississippi political history, civil rights history, women in politics, civic education and initiatives.

Teaching Areas

Archival information access, History, Political science, English


  • University Committee on Courses and Curricula
  • University Museum and Galleries Committee
  • Library Exhibits Committee
  • Library Omeka Committee