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MSU Libraries offering digital badges

September 10, 2021

For immediate release
September 1, 2021

Badges are now available for some Mississippi State University Library workshops!

Digital badges, or microcredentials, are becoming more prevalent as a way for students and employees to showcase skills, knowledge and a willingness to continue to learn and grow. A modern-day equivalent to a certificate, digital badges can be earned and then shared online, offering trackable proof of new skills and information.

Mississippi State University Libraries has been following the badging trend for several years and is excited to launch a new program offering MSU students, faculty and staff several options for both attendance and achievement.

“Digital badges or microcredentials show off skills you have learned through attending our workshops and can be displayed on your website, social media, resume, or CV,” said Associate Dean of Libraries Stephen Cunetto. “We feel like this is an exciting and natural extension to the instruction we are already offering the MSU community.”

Instructional Technology Specialist Thomas La foe explained that attendance badges are available for those who attend several workshops in a series, for example workshops focusing on Excel or research skills. And achievement badges can be attained by attending a workshop and completing an assignment after the course.

“Both types of badges offer the attendee a way to verify the new skills they have learned. This verification will be helpful for graduates looking for their first job, as well as employees who are looking to advance” La Foe said.

The MSU Libraries are currently offering badges related to Microsoft Excel, Adobe Spark, Graduate Student skills, and Library research in agriculture and forest resources. The digital badges are offered through a program called Badgr, which is used by other units at Mississippi State.

“Open Badges issued through Badgr contain meta data that ties the badge to a unique owner and contains information about what criteria was required to earn them,” La Foe added. “Individuals are able to link these digital badges to their LinkedIn profiles, resumes, CVs and more.”

The MSU Libraries believe badges can truly help students set themselves apart as they begin their careers, and officials are hopeful the MSU community will take advantage of this new offering.

“Digital Badges show potential employers you have a proficiency in particular skills or software programs, such as research skills, Excel, or Adobe Spark,” La Foe said.

“In addition to the recognition of this proficiency, digital badges also show potential employers that you value continued learning, pushing yourself and seizing opportunities that will make you a better employee,” he added. “Digital badges can also help you connect with others who share an interest in these skills and software programs, opening the doors for collaboration, mentoring, and more.”

To see a list of current badge eligible workshops, please visit .