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Vertical Files

The University Archives Vertical Files are a significant resource of information about Mississippi State University persons, events, places and other topical subjects, news clippings, articles and published materials including but not limited to items such as brochures, programs, maps.

The materials in the files span a wide range of dates, circa 1880s to the present, and materials continue to be added as collected.

Currently, selected Mississippi newspapers and websites are read for content and articles are selected, assigned topical headings and photocopied or printed for the files, as well as printed materials from around the Mississippi State University campus from various departments, organizations, etc.

Using the Vertical Files list:

  • Persons may be found under their own names if there are three or more clippings concerning them.
  • Biographical files (Biography A, Biography B etc.) usually contain 1 or two items on the persons included.
  • When searching the list, consider both specific and general topics that may contain materials. 
  • Cross-references are found in the list, but are also found in the files and on the file folders.