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The Gallery

The Gallery exemplifies the importance of primary evidence and our desire to collect and preserve history.

The Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincolniana Gallery presents one of the nation's largest and most comprehensive collections of materials relating to the 16th President. The Gallery displays over one hundred of the most important artifacts from the Williams Collection, illustrating Lincoln's career as a lawyer, public servant, politician, and President; his life as a husband and father; and his tragic assassination. Also included are cultural pieces memorializing Lincoln, including paintings, statues, books, and memorabilia. Visitors will discover the context of the era and the complexities of the war years and of slavery.

Frank J. Williams was inspired as a child by a classroom portrait of President Lincoln. Throughout his life he has collected documents, manuscripts, images, signatures, and artifacts related to Abraham Lincoln, and has become one of the nation's foremost authorities on the 16th President.

Each exhibit in the Gallery includes commentary from Chief Justice Williams on the relevance and importance of the objects and his reasons for collecting them. This first-person account gives context to the exhibits and allows visitors to appreciate the Collection on a more personal level. A large-screen interactive display invites visitors to view more objects form the Collection and to hear more in-depth commentary on the importance of collecting and the use of primary source evidence and research in authoring books, presenting research and historical retrospectives, and creating films and documentaries.

The Williams Collection of Lincolniana Gallery is next to the Ulysses. S. Grant Presidential Library and Museum on the 4th floor of Mitchell Memorial Library at Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS.

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About the Interactive Displays

The interactive displays in the Williams Gallery were created by LKC Creative (Raleigh, NC). LKC Creative, under the direction and leadership of Luke Cline, creates multimedia experiences for interpretive environments throughout the country. The LKC Creative team are storytellers, conceptual thinkers and problem-solvers and are motivated by the desire to create value for their clients and guests. The design process includes listening to the clients and developing a cohesive message by working with the local team to develop the goals, and manage and direct the design, production and installation of media.

About the Exhibit Designer

HealyKohler Design brings together a creative team of exhibit designers, graphic designers, lighting designers, media system designers, interpreters, and project managers to create interpretive experiences for museums, cultural institutions and visitor centers. Through their experience, leadership and close collaboration with clients, HealyKohler develops multi-faceted, powerful, interactive visitor experiences that captivate audiences of all ages and interest levels and can be easily monitored and maintained.

About the Fabricators

Founded in 1989, Formations Inc. is an award-winning Portland, Oregon-based firm specializing in planning, design, fabrication, and installation of interpretive exhibits and thematic interiors. Formations’ subject areas range from natural and social history to cultural, sports, and corporate experiences. Formations' staff are a dedicated, experienced team of professionals (including interpretive planners and evaluators, exhibit and graphic designers, writers, detailers, audiovisual specialists, estimators, fabricators, and project managers) working in a highly integrated facility to provide clients with excellence at each phase. Formations applies fresh, creative thinking to each project, without preconceived solutions. They strive to design exhibits with memorable imagery and regional identity, while adhering to budgetary limits and needs for efficiency, accessibility, and functionality.