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Past Festivals

The Charles H. Templeton Ragtime Festival was first held in 2007. The name of the Festival highlighted the importance of ragtime - America's first popular music - and Charles H. Templeton, Sr.'s love of it. This first Festival featured a variety of internationally known ragtime performers.

In later years, the Festival's organizers decided to broaden its appeal and include more genres. They changed the name to "Charles H. Templeton, Sr. Ragtime and Jazz Festival." The rebranded Festival included performers who specialized in jazz, stride, boogie, blues, and more.

Festival organizers have also implemented an outreach program. Each year, Festival performers play at local schools and assisted living facilities, providing people of all ages with opportunities to enjoy their music.

The Festival is sponsored by MSU Libraries and the Charles H. Templeton, Sr. Music Museum, and made possible thanks to partnerships with MSU's Department of Music; the Office of Public Affairs; the Division of Student Affairs; the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President; and many others. Local business and arts organizations have also provided generous support.


Featuring Donald Ryan, Adam Swanson, and The Sweet&Hot Quartet


A virtual Festival, featuring the Brunious-Hook Duo, Ivory&Gold, Josh Duffee, Millenia Musicae, and TJ Müller


Featuring Jeff Barnhart, Bill Edwards, Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton, and Stephanie Trick and Paolo Alderighi


Featuring Hal Smith, Dave Bennett, Martin Spitznagel, Larisa Migachyov, and Jeff Barnhart.


Featuring Jeff Barnhart, Steve Cheseborough, Eddie Erickson, Kris Tokarski, and Ivory&Gold®.


Featuring Jeff Barnhart, Dan Levinson’s Roof Garden Jass Band, and Brian Holland


Featuring Paolo Alderighi, Tom Hook, Reginald Robinson, Rosangela Sebba, and Stephanie Trick, with Jeff Barnhart as Artistic Director


Featuring Richard Dowling, Ivory&Gold®, Scott Kirby, and Dave Majchrzak, with Jeff Barnhart as Artistic Director


Featuring Mimi Blais, Martin Spitznagel, Virginia Tichenor, and Stephanie Trick, with Jeff Barnhart as Artistic Director

Videos: YouTube


Featuring Jeff Barnhart, Frederick Hodges, Brian Holland, and Sonny Leyland


Featuring Brian Holland, Jeff Barnhart, Sonny Leyland, Martin Spitznagel, and David Jasen


Featuring Jim Hession, Frederick Hodges, Brian Holland, Sue Keller, and David Jasen


Frederick Hodges, David Jasen, Sonny Leyland, Adam Swanson, and Terry Waldo


The Festival was renamed the Ragtime Jazz Festival, and featured Mimi Blais, Brian Holland, Sonny Leyland, Butch Thompson, and David Jasen.


Featuring Mimi Blais, Marty Eggers, Frederick Hodges, Brian Holland, David Jasen, David Reffkin, Bob Seeley, and Virginia Tichenor


In 2007, the concert series was expanded and renamed as the Charles Templeton Ragtime Music Festival. The concert featured Jeff Barnhart, Mimi Blais, Neville Dickie, Tracy Doyle, David Jasen, Sue Keller, David Reffkin, Virginia Tichenor, and Richard Zimmerman.

2006 & earlier

Prior to 2006, the Festival was called “In Ragged Time: An Encounter with American Ragtime Music.” This three-part series featured pianist Richard Zimmerman and the Etcetera String Band, and was presented by the Mississippi State University Television Center in cooperation with The Department of Music Education and The Templeton Museum.

Richard Zimmerman